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 We coach and empower people who are currently navigating their career. If you have ever wondered: what I am going to do with my life? I need to change careers - but I have no idea how? Or, I know what I want but I have no idea how to make it happen - then we are for you.


Navigating with Neuroscience

Your career is truly one big iteration, in fact, according to this Deloitte report you will have, on average 11.5 careers in a lifetime (careers not jobs). With a growing gig economy and technology influencing and changing every industry, plotting out your career is becoming increasingly tricky. But it doesn’t have to be. Using the modern principles of neuroscience, we’ll help you navigate the changing nature of work and communicate your value with confidence. 



Creating your Career Portfolio.
Online, in-person and group neruoscience courses designed to help you define, find, and create your next best career step.



The Hour of Power keynote.
Sharing the key points, to turn
insights (gamma waves) into actions
and intention into direction.



Working through Work.
4-hour workshop on the neuroscience of influence, communication to make every workplace and position work.  


Shelley and the team at Vitae are absolute professionals and fantastic to work with. Having a diverse background, I was at a bit of crossroads as to what my next role should be. They provided me with the tools and means necessary to sharpen my thinking and give me the clarity I needed to progress in my career. My CV and UVP (as an employee) was transformed into something amazing and much better than I could have done on my own. Could not recommend them more highly.
— Matt, Melbourne


How we make
it happen.




Neuroscience of Influence: Creating your Career


Despite the changing nature of work, success in our careers can be boiled down to how we influence and communicate. Mastering these elements determines whether we create the career we want or end up with the one that just happened. Learning to master these behaviours, starts with learning to master our own minds.

This course is designed to help you neurologically increase your influence and communication to create the career you desire. Using the modern principles of neuroscience we're sharing all the tools and neurohacks you can use to become an influential communicator and master your own career.

If you’re not sure of your next step and how to find it - this course is for you. If you are sure of your next step, but unsure of how to take it - this course is also for you.

Below is an overview of our 6-week course, which would cover of the 5 modules, and 19 tools and frameworks.




During this course, you'll learn the basic principles of the brain (conscious and unconscious mind) and how to use this knowledge to:

  • determine, design and create your next next career step

  • build and package your career portfolio to showcase your talents and experience

  • confidently articulate your unique value proposition

  • craft a knockout CV that gets you every interview you desire  

  • effectively communicate your value within the workplace and/or interviews

  • neurologically reduce the stress and anxiety associated with job hunting and career change

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be super clear and confident about the value you offer to any business, what your next career step looks like and the actions you can take to make all of this happen.

NB: Our latest workshop covering this topic can be found on our events page.

I met Shelley at the crossroads of my career, and she was there at every step of the way to help me successfully transition from what I felt I had to be doing, to what I absolutely love to be doing (and getting paid for it, of course). Whilst your peers provide invaluable support when you make those daunting career decisions, those decisions are some of the most important in your life. As a lawyer, I would say to my clients, leave the dispute resolution to a professional. The same approach needs to be taken when reconfiguring and propelling your career to its greatest heights - see a professional, or better yet, see Shelley.

I cannot stress how professional, deeply skilled and thorough Shelley is in relation to her work and creating a journey and experience that is personal to you and you only. She will help you quiet the voice that says it’s impossible and empower you to not be a subject to the job market but controlling what offers come to you.
— Priyanka, Melbourne, Community Lead Australia, ConsenSys

& Tools

Our neurohacks and tools are for the folk who are looking to better understand their brain and need a quick in a moment tool to support them on their journey. These tools are great stress-busters, focussing and reframing techniques to break you out of where you are and help move you to where you want to be. 


  • All neurohacks and tools are online and can be accessed by anyone from anywhere.

  • The neurohacks and tools are totally FREE for you to use and share with anyone you want.

  • All our neurohacks and based on neuroscience and/or supported by scientific research.

  • These tools are great starting point the self-directed and self-aware.