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Working on a tricky problem and not sure what to do next? Or maybe you know what you want but, you're not sure how to get there? Let us give you and hand. Vitae's completely free sounding board sessions help you sound out any challenge, uncertainty or complication relating to either work, life or relationships (professional and personal). This is your opportunity to experience how we coach, empower and help you find and create the outcome you want.

In these sessions we'll offer some insights and where possible, some neurohacks (neuroscience based brain hacks) for you to continue to hacking your brain during and after the session. These sessions are completely confidential and completely complimentary. All you need to do is bring a topic you want to focus on, and for 30 minutes we're all yours. Curious? Course you are. Book your preferred time with us below. 

What do OUR PAST CLIENTS think Of the Sessions? 

Shelley is an extremely accurate, empathic and efficient coach. She helped me navigate to the core of my key concerns while gently and clearly guiding me to actionable insights and solutions. These sounding board sessions brings attention to the essential foundations for startup founders and offers valuable tools for sustainable entrepreneurship.
— Katy, GM, Sydney
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