In Three Simple Steps.

We don't like to complicate things.
So regardless of who you are and what you're after we follow the same structure. The same three steps outlined below.You're similar to people we've worked with before but you're undeniably unique.


Step 1. Let's Chat: Getting to Know Each Other

The first thing we do, is talk. All of our engagements start with a conversation, either in-person, online or on the phone. We want to learn more about you and what you want to achieve to ensure we can help through coaching. We only say yes to folk and organisations we know we can help, so it's important to work out if we are right for each other. 



From here, knowing we are the right people to help, we design the approach that works for you and/or your team and company. We are outcome based. We don't charge per/hour, we charge on the outcome. Meaning we find out the result you want and then co-design which tools, methods and approaches you want to take to get there. We agree a plan for how we want to work together, how long for and what success means. 


STEP 3.  Let's Do this: Getting you There

Knowing what you want to achieve, what success is and the plan to get there we start. We start closing the gap between knowing and doing. Our job here is to help take your insights and understanding and turn them into actions. And while you action them, coach you to stay focussed, determined and clear on what you want and why you started.  


I’d heard great things about Vitae and Shelley’ from about 5 different people, and decided I had to experience this for myself. During the session Shelley made me feel very comfortable, we explored my values and how I wanted my life to be. She soon unearthed some interesting insights about what I actually wanted vs what I thought I wanted.
— Teresa, Founder, Sydney


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