Neurohack: Metacognition: Reflection for Resolution

This Neurohack (a handy brain hack) is a 5min exercise which, using your brain's natural processes will help you reflect and resolve conflicts and conflicting situations.

Let’s talk thinking it through.  Analysing your own thinking, that is thinking about thinking is a process called metacognition. It allows you to question and dissect your own behaviour. It’s a super handy tool that your awesome brain does to help you observe, witness and discern your part in any situation and/or your behaviour.

It’s particularly handy when you’re in an argument, butting heads with someone or having conflict views about a situation. When you’re next in a sticky situation ask yourself these questions:

1. What is my part in this situation?

2. What would resolution feel like, and what would it take to get there? 

3. List all the reason why the other person’s view could be right  This one is tough - but so powerful. 

4. How could the other person be feeling? If I was them, what would I most want to hear from me? 

5. What is the first step I can take to resolve this situation? 

Thinking through these questions, viewing the situation with empathy and from a differing perspective can actually entirely change how you think about it, and therefore how you behave in the  situation. 

You can’t control anyone but you. And while you can’t get other parties to do what you like, you can modify your behaviour to work towards the outcomes you want. 

Shelley Laslett