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Neuroscience of Leadership Masterclass

  • AcademyXi 45 Druitt Street Sydney Australia (map)

Being a leader in the modern age is tough. There’s a lot of advice out there designed to guide you on how to lead. From vulnerability to empathy, to leading by example, not many sources show you how to lead with the most powerful tool you have — your brain.

Using the modern principles of neuroscience, Vitae’s Neuroscience of Leadership Masterclass goes beyond the theory and equips you with the practical tools and neurohacks (quick brain hacks) required to master the complex challenge of being a leader.

If you attended our plenary session, this masterclass is all about putting all that great theory and your insights into practice. If you didn’t attend, no worries at all, we’ll recap all you need to know to deep dive into the tools and hacks to become that leader you want.

Learn the basic principles of the brain and by the end of the session you’ll have:

  • Busted through your neurological biases

  • Neurologically boosted your confidence and improved your influence

  • Learned how to build strong and empowered teams

  • Able to defuse stressful and uncomfortable conversations

  • Increased your self-awareness and your social awareness to empower teams and reducing ‘managing’ time