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Neuroscience of Influence Lunch and Learn

  • AcademyXi 45 Druitt Street Sydney, NSW, 2000 Australia (map)

Influence: it’s something we all want, yet not something we all have. It’s something which we can all sense, but not something that we can always replicate, or is it?

Our ability to confidently and effectively influence is closely aligned to how we communicate, not just with others, but also within our own minds. Other than the usual trial and error, there's not a lot out there about how to use the most powerful asset you have - your brain - to easily influence and create the outcomes you want.

This session will neurologically help you improve your influence and communication to create the outcomes you desire.  Using the modern principles of neuroscience we're sharing all the tools and hacks to become a diplomatic worthy communicator and influencer.

At this workshop, you'll learn:

    • Basic principles of the brain (conscious and unconscious mind)

    • How to neurologically boost confidence to improve your influence

    • How to effectively influence and communicate to create outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be a confident and effective communicator capable of influencing and creating positive outcomes.