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Neuroscience of Confidence: Nailing your Pitch - Sydney

  • Tank Stream Labs Level 3, 17-19 Bridge Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia (map)

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Ever get a bit nervous before a pitch or before a presentation? Or is it a bit more than a bit nervous? Are you secretly wishing you didn’t have to pitch or present in front of an audience at all? We hear you.

Speaking in front of a crowd in an eloquent, confident, and impactful way isn’t always easy. Despite this shared challenge, there isn't much out there about how to confidently present by using the cheapest and most powerful tool you have — your brain.

During this Neuroscience of Confidence: Nailing your Pitch workshop, you'll learn how to tackle common confidence knocking mistakes by using some fundamental principles of neuroscience. We'll be sharing:

  • Basic principles of the brain (conscious and unconscious mind)

  • How to diffuse the stress you feel about public speaking and pitching

  • How to neurologically boost your confidence to nail your pitch

  • How to develop ‘softer’ personal presentation style and why it neurologically matters

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have trained your brain to kick those nerves to the curb, and boosted your confidence to deliver impactful TED-worthy presentations.

We will also be providing you with a free lunch. ;)


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