Unlock your brain.
Create what you want.


Coaching you to create the career, life and outcomes you want.


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Hey there. We're your brain coach.

We're helping individuals, teams and startups to solve some age old questions.

We all have a brain - but no one got personalised instructions.
We all have a life - but no one got a personalised map. 
We're changing that.
We've rewired coaching. 

With neuroscience and technology we're helping people unlock their brain
to create the life, career and business they want.  


8 outcomes our clients get from working with us


Who we help?

We help people find what they want -  
from quarter-lifers to startups,
accelerators and high growth


Our awesome clients & partners

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The standout feature of how Vitae operate is that they support you to unlock and realise your own potential by helping you unlock your mind. This is way more sustainable than simply telling you how or what to do.
— Adam, CEO, Sydney
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