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Shelley Laslett

Shelley is a neuroscience coach, startup advisor, strategist, growth hacker and fitness instructor. Shelley is a humanist, an anthropology major and therefore a people lover. Above all she believes in the good of people, and their incredible power and capability to create great things. Since starting Vitae has, Shelley has helped more than 300 individuals create the change they desire and learn more about their brain. The team have also been lucky enough to work with the following brands across the world: AgriDigital, Deloitte Australia, Optus, WeWork Labs, Founders Factory, NASDAQ, Cover Genius, Tech Ready Women, CBA Australia, SunCulture, marie claire, Tank Stream Labs, NurtureHer, Diageo Australia, FrankBody and AcademyXi.

Before starting Vitae, Shelley was an innovation and strategy consultant in Australia and Europe. She has helped a number of companies evolve, change and bring their new ideas to life. Some of the companies Shelley has work with include; The Walt Disney Company, Salesforce, Airtasker, SKY Plc, Lloyds Banking Group, Springboard Enterprises, ANZ Bank, Diageo Futures, Bupa, QANTAS, Dentsu Ageis Network, Fonterra, IBM, Royal Dutch Shell, FrankBody, EY and Accenture. 

Whether helping an individual, team or company grow Shelley applies the same approach - people are smart, help them close the knowing doing gap and everything is possible. Shelley believes that all beneficial knowledge we have should be used to help enhance and advance others. Which is why she is using new age coaching methods and technology to help get neuroscience out of the lab and meaningfully into your life. 

Poppy Renegade describes Shelley as "...unlike anyone you’ve ever met before. She has an infectious, yet calming energy, a brilliant mind and a powerful presence. Shelley is blazing her own trail and lifting others to new heights along the way." 



Shelley is an incredible coach. She has a warm and caring personality and is always looking for you and how to add value. She was really able to understand, empathise and relate to what I was experiencing. Having someone who understood me and held the space for me to explore my internal dialogue and talk through my challenges has made an immense difference.
— Natalie, London

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