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Brenton Charnley

High performance & startup coach

Brenton is an innovation and strategy specialist working with technology companies. Brenton is a high-performance coach, a trained snowboard instructor, university tutor, chartered accountant and founder of the Australian community for technology startups targeting the insurance sector called Insurtech Australia. Brenton is passionate about making ideas happen and helping people to find their passions.

Brenton has been coaching teams and senior leaders for over ten years as part of his role in high growth businesses and corporate roles. Brenton always takes the time to listen and to help people achieve what they are looking for, without judgement, but simple and candid guidance.


  • Stanford innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Design thinking specialist
  • Snowboard Instructor
  • University Tutor
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Zenger Folkman Extraordinary Coach Program

"Brenton works hard to build a team culture based on openness, fairness and equal opportunity. He takes great interest in developing people and hence offers a unique mix of commercial acumen, operational excellence, integrity, vision, drive, and willingness to continually experiment and learn in the fast moving world of startups. " - Tat B, Sydney


Love the Vitae folks! It’s strange thinking where I might be without working with Shelley and Brenton. I came to Vitae knowing the types of brands that I wanted to work with and what I was passionate about, but not knowing how to package up my non-traditional experience for the workforce. They gave me clarity and confidence, transforming my CV and ultimately helping me to landing an incredible job.
— Mike, Melbourne


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