Flexible pricing to suit you

We don't like to complicate things, and we love to add value. We know you're unique, and what you need is unique to you. Accordingly, we offer value based pricing which is designed to fit you, your team and/or your business. We price based on outcome - not based on an hourly rate. Together, we determine what you want, what you want to achieve and work backwards from there. We co-design which tools, methods and approaches we'll use to get there. We also offer flexible payment options. We believe that anyone who wants a coach should be able to access one.



We offer both casual and fixed pricing. As with everything we do - it's tailored to you. During your first complimentary session, we'll talk through what you want, what you need and what we can do price wise to make it happen. We promise to only work with you, your team and/or your company when we can genuinely help. If we can't we’ll be honest. We commit to designing the right option for you.

Pricing: we'll discuss pricing in your first free session, but if you have FOMO and can't wait, click below.


I cannot stress how professional, deeply skilled and thorough Shelley is in relation to her work and creating a journey and experience that is personal to you and you only.
— Priya, Sydney