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Hey there. We're your brain coach.

We're helping people, teams and organisations solve some age old questions.

We all have a brain - but no one got personalised instructions.
We all have a life - but no one got a personalised map. 
We're changing that. Using the latest neuroscience, Vitae helps businesses improve performance by empowering people, teams and leaders with practical neurological knowledge, tailored learning programs, brain based coaching and advisory services. 


Neuroscience Training

Helping unlock your most powerful tool - your brain.

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How we help



Find what you want.
Create your life and career.



Scale faster. Scale smarter.
Thrive not just survive.



 Scale and grow. Build a culture.
Boost productivity & profitability.



Developing teams to work together & grow together. 


Vitae’s Neuroscience of Confidence session was fascinating, but more importantly made us think differently about how we pitch and present ourselves.

Because Shelley explains her recommendations from a scientific/data-led perspective, she takes even busy and sceptical audiences with her. I’d recommend to any founder.

Our team were lucky enough to have some follow up individual sessions, which received great feedback. I hope we’ll keep working closely with Shelley and team

Workshops & Presentations

We design, deliver and present neuroscience based sessions. 

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“Vitae’s session on Leadership was one of the most popular training events.

We heard lots of positive feedback, including one Director, who was; ‘completely blown away by the strength of the training, its messages and how easy it was to apply.’

All of Vitae’s sessions were expertly crafted, skilfully facilitated and very well received. Shelley truly embodies her teachings, authentically delivering relevant, applicable and unique training that receives glowing feedback.

Having worked with Shelley and the team at Vitae on a number of initiatives, I could not recommend them more highly to any organisation looking to lead with a neurological and economical advantage.”
— Anna Lindberg, Innovation Manager, Deloitte Australia

Some of our awesome clients

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The People@ AgriDigital programme which focuses on our: team’s wellbeing, group and individual learning and development and supplements our human resources and talent function has been in place at AgriDigital for almost 12 months now.

Working with Shelley and the Vitae.Coach team has been incredibly positive. They are responsive, enthusiastic and truly understand the problems and opportunities we face as a tech ‘startup to scaleup’. We are proud of our culture, our values and our brand in market and Shelley and her team are an important part of the way we deliver to our customers, team members, investors and community.
— Emma Weston, CEO & Co-Founder, AgriDigital